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Notes from Meeting with Chuck Lesnick, 8-5-2011  ☆

YPU Meeting with Chuck Lesnick August 5th 2011 Law Office of Chuck Lesnick 733 Yonkers Ave 10704 Chuck Lesnick Adam Brill, Communications Director to Yonkers City Council President Kevin Gray Rafael Herrero Michelle Soto Three members of Yonkers Parents United (YPU) met with Mr. Lesnick and Mr. Brill on Friday, August 5th. These notes were …

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“This Year Is An Enigma.” –Notes from SBP Meeting, July 20th  ☆

The Superintendent greeted us last night with, "This year is an enigma." I sat 2nd row, house left, and wrote 6 pages of single-spaced notes. The following are highlights, but include most of what was presented. Click here to download the pdf file of the powerpoint slides. There is a lot of info in those …

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Superintendent’s Presentation, Wed. July 20th  ☆

If I can connect to the internet from the auditorium at 1 Larkin, I'll try to post updates from the meeting live as comments on this post. If there's nothing from me here for the next couple of hours, then know that I couldn't connect and will post a summary later tonight. Let's keep our …

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Mike Spano, 7-20, 2pm  ☆

Private followup meeting with State Assemblyman Mike Spano (Thank you, Dan!) to discuss possible future policy options for YPS. At this point, if you're able to go, you may have already contacted Dan Lipka, but if not, please contact him directly by email. I haven't worked out those links on this site, yet, but if …

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Bernard Pierorazio, 7-20, 6pm  ☆

Public meeting scheduled by YPS Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio in the auditorium at 1 Larkin (YPS administrative building/library building). This meeting is scheduled for one hour, and has been announced he will present the finalized changes to the school system to go in effect this fall. There may or may not be an opportunity to ask …

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Andrea Stewart-Cousins, 8-4, 2:30pm  ☆

We have a meeting with State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins to discuss current and future policy improvements regarding YPS. If you would like to attend this meeting, please contact me to make arrangements, as we're limited in the number of people who can attend (3-5). And, please, in the comments suggest questions that should be asked. …

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Welcome to Yonkers Parents United  ☆

This is a first draft attempt at a better web presence for the group and those interested in it to learn more about it. As I'm learning how to manage the site, it will change as I learn more as I go along. But for now, we can begin to use this space to check …

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