Welcome to Yonkers Parents United ☆

| July 16, 2011

This is a first draft attempt at a better web presence for the group and those interested in it to learn more about it. As I’m learning how to manage the site, it will change as I learn more as I go along. But for now, we can begin to use this space to check in with each other, subscribe to RSS updates, and collect more and better information (and keep it much better organized) than has been possible on either the Yonkers4Education google group or the facebook page.

I’ve created certain categories for posts to be organized under, and given them names and brief descriptions. These are as much a rough draft as the rest of the site at the moment, but will give you an idea of the kind of organization of information I was thinking of when I last worked on this project. Please comment with suggestions for improvement. The “Br” naming of categories was more a vestige of my lack of sleep than any attempt at wit or consistency in naming.

We have a great deal of information already collected amongst us, communicated by email, facebook updates, and in-person communications. I’m going to try and incorporate as much of that as I can into links sections, posts, and updates, but that information may change form or placement as I learn how to best make use of this space. I’m really hoping to develop this as a central location for links to elected representatives, news media outlets, etc…as well as build a forum for those interested in this effort to keep each other up to date and share ideas for moving forward.

Having said that, click around, see what you think, and please let me know how you think we can best make use of this site.

Thanks in advance.