Mike Spano, 7-20, 2pm ☆

| July 16, 2011

Private followup meeting with State Assemblyman Mike Spano (Thank you, Dan!) to discuss possible future policy options for YPS. At this point, if you’re able to go, you may have already contacted Dan Lipka, but if not, please contact him directly by email. I haven’t worked out those links on this site, yet, but if you need the contact info, click on the “contact administrator” button on this site and I’ll send it to you. Nancy, Paula, Dan, and I attended the first meeting. So, we might want to keep it to 5 or fewer.

We’ll be following up on topics discussed at the first meeting, including the state funding formula for education contributions and the possibility of separating the YPS, or at least the BOE appointees, from direct mayoral control.